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Zynga poker scam

zynga poker scam

This game is piece of **** When I had somewhere around million chips zynga stole all advice is do not play this **** sorry forgot to make  Is this a Scam that came to my Inbox? — Zynga Poker. I had billion chips in my Zynga poker account the next morning I had one million. I contacted them and they told me that they couldn't help me. "I mean we gave our users poker chips if they downloaded this zwinky The Zynga CEO has since vowed to remove these scams, because he.

Zynga poker scam Video

06 /01/2017 zynga poker merda zynga poker scam Thank you Zynga for controlling our way of playing and I appreciate arkanoid original online this move let me think twice of what I was doing when wasting my time on the mobile playing poker while others was enjoying their time outside. They never take action againts then cause they all are same and they sell it indo market very cheap rate. What in the heck is going on? This happens toooo often with various cards. But with Zynga, ANYTHING GOES! Also AA vs 22, AK9, turn Q, river 2. I had a hand that I won over million chips on and Zynga failed to give me chips and the highest hand on my profile. It is very much possible that the online poker host can cheat by playing intelligent bots. And they never replay emails. They don't care about anyone. I deleted my poker accounts. As others have stated, I would give them a ZERO if it was allowed. The game is bullshit. Not surprisingly, all posts about this topic on the zynga forums get deleted. They are either bots or people. I asked the fake person if they worked for Zynga. Checks on [Mitchell's] bank account retro casino at this time he bought items including a Rolex watch and was also spending money on online gambling. I worked hard to get those points. It would take astronomically good luck to win in that scenario. Almost everyone I see on there has absolutely no idea about variance or bankroll management. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Pinkus even jokes about having players install software that was hard to remove. You are commenting using your WordPress. I'm not only livid, I feel totally violated. I'm very upset with Zynga. I lost 70 millions in chips. They are very dishonest. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Zynga?

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